Wayne S. Spilove

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Retired Marine General Peter Pace stands alongside wounded Iraq veteran Jerry Majetich and Wayne Spilove at the World Affairs Council

Wayne Spilove General Peter Pace

Majetich works for a financial services company and is one of the many success stories of the Wallstreet Warfighters Foundation. After serving 18 years in the Army Sergeant Majetich was injured in Iraq in 2005 when the humvee he was in was hit by an explosive device. He lost his right hand, and sustained severe burns and disfigurement. After he retired in 2007, unable to find work, Majetich heard about the WSWF and applied, was accepted and completed the program. Now, 42, Majetich is a successful graduate of the Wallstreet Warfighters Program and is the Vice President at the Drexel Hamilton office in Riverside, Florida. For the complete story: Click Here