Wayne S. Spilove

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Jordan Griska and Wayne Spilove form business partnership

(October 2012) Philadelphia artist and well-known sculptor Jordan Griska, who received national recognition for his Lenfest Plaza installation, Grumman Greenhouse, has partnered with longtime art supporter and former Chairman of the Philadelphia Historical Commission and Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission Wayne S. Spilove.

Wayne Spilove and Jordan Griska

Griska and Spilove have recently formed a business partnership, I.Y.E., uniting innovative talent and experienced historical and art business practices to bring Griska’s work to the next level of artistic development, reputation, and proficiency. The partnership has included a recent move from Philadelphia to New York City’s Williamsburg neighborhood, the hub of Brooklyn’s influential local art community.

It was the inventive, hard-working, dedicated energy that Griska possesses that caught Spilove’s attention. Interested in the scope, scale, and history of the Grumman Greenhouse sculpture, Spilove helped financially back Griska, fostered fundraising efforts and gained military support to assist in the plane’s competition.

For more information on Jordan Griska visit www.jordangriska.com.