Wayne S. Spilove
Philadelphia, PA

15th Annual Preservation Awards- Grand Jury Award

1906 Spruce Street

Wayne Spilove:: Preservation Achievement Award-winning 1906 Spruce StreetWhen developer Wayne Spilove decided to make improvements to his property at 1906 Spruce Street and convert some of its apartments to condominiums, he chose to also restore the property's historical 19th-sentury appearance, which had been "radically modernized." The ornate brownstone entry and original window sash had been removed circa 1960, and much of the architectural ornament broken off and replaced with a flat modernist facade of polished granite panels and aluminum ribbon windows.

Project architects Campbell Thomas & Co. found photos at the Philadelphia City Archives of 1906 Spruce Street before the modernist alterations. Working primarily with these photographs and what could be discerned from the remnants of the damaged brownstone and existing masonry detailing that remained, CTC created a new facade elevation within the constraints of the modified, street-level entry location, that restores much of the original detailing of the magnificent 19th-Century facade.

The entire first level of the facade had to be reconstructed without disturbing the upper three floors of the masonry facade. Great care was taken to find replacement brick that closely matched the existing brick on the upper floors, as well as cut-stone to match the existing trim. The sandstone used to recreate the first floor facade trim came from Ontario. Other restoration work included a custom mahogany front entry door, side-lights, and transom; reproduction wooden window sash; repairs to the upper-floor masonry; and a historically appropriate paint scheme.

As the job progressed, CTC's scope of work was increased to include development of a design treatment for the first level of the interior lobby. CTC developed a treatment for the first level of the interior lobby that, while somewhat more contemporary, incorporates such traditional elements as an oak stair with wood rail and balusters, and a wood panel wainscot.







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