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Philadelphia Sculptor Jordan Griska and former Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission Chairman Wayne Spilove form business partnership.

(October 2012) Philadelphia artist and well-known sculptor Jordan Griska, who received national recognition for his Lenfest Plaza installation, Grumman Greenhouse, has partnered with longtime art supporter and former Chairman of the Philadelphia Historical Commission and Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission Wayne S. Spilove.

Wayne Spilove Jordan Griska

Griska and Spilove have recently formed a business partnership, I.Y.E., uniting innovative talent and experienced historical and art business practices to bring Griska’s work to the next level of artistic development, reputation, and proficiency. The partnership has included a recent move from Philadelphia to New York City’s Williamsburg neighborhood, the hub of Brooklyn’s influential local art community.

It was the inventive, hard-working, dedicated energy that Griska possesses that caught Spilove’s attention. Interested in the scope, scale, and history of the Grumman Greenhouse sculpture, Spilove helped financially back Griska, fostered fundraising efforts and gained military support to assist in the plane’s competition.

For more information on Jordan Griska visit www.jordangriska.com.

(L-R) Retired Marine General Peter Pace, 16th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and founder of the Wallstreet Warfighters, stands alongside wounded Iraq veteran Jerry Majetich and Wayne Spilove at the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia, in February 2012.

Wayne Spilove General Peter Pace

Majetich works for a financial services company and is one of the many success stories of the Wallstreet Warfighters Foundation. After serving 18 years in the Army Sergeant Majetich was injured in Iraq in 2005 when the humvee he was in was hit by an explosive device. He lost his right hand, and sustained severe burns and disfigurement. After he retired in 2007, unable to find work, Majetich heard about the WSWF and applied, was accepted and completed the program. Now, 42, Majetich is a successful graduate of the Wallstreet Warfighters Program and is the Vice President at the Drexel Hamilton office in Riverside, Florida. For the complete story: Click Here

For more information on Wayne Spilove’s involvement with the WSWF, read press release below.

Wayne Spilove and the Wall Street Warfighters Foundation

(February 2012) Wayne Spilove has become an integral component of the overall success of the Wall Street Warfighters Foundation (WSWF). The non-profit organization was developed by retired Marine General Peter Pace, a former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, to identify, develop, and place service disabled veterans in careers in the financial services industry. Based in Philadelphia, the program is privately sponsored by local brokerage firm Drexel Hamilton, whose Chair is Vietnam veteran Lawrence Doll and Managing Director is Brooks Hulitt, both board members of the WSWF.

In order to continue the program’s funding and provide an ideal living facility for the in-residence program, Hulitt sought the advice and help from colleague and one of Philadelphia’s most respected Real Estate developers, Spilove.

In order to better suit the needs of the disabled veterans, adequate housing facilities are required. Spilove was able to locate and broker a deal at the former St. Agnes Medical Center, located 1900 South Broad Street. While the hospital is closed some of the large building space has been replaced with the Long Term Care Center and many of the wings of the building remain vacant. Spilove secured one of these wings to convert the hospital rooms into modern dorms for the 12 veterans that participate in the program each term.

Spilove acknowledged the gratifying nature of assisting this organization and commented on the inspirational dedication of both Pace and Hulitt in assisting disabled Afghanistan and Iraq veterans attain employment in financial services.

Wayne Spilove receives citation from the Senate of PennsylvaniaWayne Spilove Special Citation Pennsylvania State Senate

In Harrisburg, on the 19th of October 2011, the Senate of Pennsylvania took the opportunity to acknowledge and thank Wayne Spilove for his extended years of dedicated service to the people and communities of the Commonwealth. Spilove was awarded a signed and sealed letter from Senator Lawrence M. Farnese Jr. recognizing the community leader for his commitment and excellence as the Chairman of the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission (PHMC) and the Philadelphia Historical Commission, among other noteworthy directorial positions. Spilove’s success in restoration and historical conservation for both the state and city has contributed to the preservation of countless events, sites and structures, securing Pennsylvania’s legacy as one of the nation’s historical strongholds.

To see a copy of the citation click here.

Wayne Spilove leads the Grumman Greenhouse project at LenFest Plaza 

(October 2011) Grumman Greenhouse, a decommissioned Cold War bomber turned working greenhouse, was erected at LenFest Plaza, at Broad and Cherry Streets. Wayne Spilove helped shepherd the success of the project by advocating publicly and gaining community support for the contemporary art sculpture designed by PAFA graduate Jordan Griska. In addition, Spilove was the largest financial backer of Grumman Greenhouse. According to project manager Caryn Kunkle of The Philadelphia Salon, the project could not have reached completion without Spilove’s involvement, contributions, and interest in strengthening Philadelphia’s contemporary art scene by supporting local artists.

For more than thirty-five years, Wayne Spilove has enjoyed a diverse and prosperous career in real estate, and has been an active civic leader in the City of Philadelphia and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. His successes, the results of cost effective property development and innovative management, have earned him high regard and recognition throughout the city.