Wayne S. Spilove
Wayne S. Spilove

Profile |   WAYNE SPILOVE is a Philadelphia native. He is the founder and owner of Rittenhouse Management Corporation, where he has effectively been managing up scale apartments and historic buildings since 1978. He is actively involved with historical, preservation and conservation societies for both Philadelphia and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and has held appointed Chairmanship positions at numerous commissions. Wayne’s current business practices and continued service at the city and state level has earned him prestigious accolades and awards (see Achievements below for a complete list).

Wayne currently shares his time between residences in Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia and the Big Island of Hawaii.
Kohala, Big Island of Hawaii Kohala, Big Island of Hawaii


Company Profile | Rittenhouse Management Corporation manages quality high rise apartment buildings and brownstones in the premier Rittenhouse Square area of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Founded in the early 80’s by Wayne Spilove, the company has an extensive portfolio of some of the finest residential and historical buildings in Philadelphia.









Expertise | For more than thirty-five years, Wayne Spilove has enjoyed a diverse and prosperous career in real estate, and has been an active civic leader in the City of Philadelphia and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. His successes, the results of cost effective property development and innovative management, have earned him high regard and recognition throughout the city. 

Spilove's current principal holdings and management activities through his company, Rittenhouse Management Corporation, cover a wide range of high-rise apartment buildings within the heart of Rittenhouse Square, plus additional noteworthy or historic buildings throughout Center City. In addition, Spilove has dedicated many years to active involvement in both public and community affairs and has been appointed to numerous public posts at the city and Commonwealth level. He has conducted major transactions with many top lending institutions, law firms, non-profit organizations, investors and other property owners.  

He began his service to preserving Philadelphia’s historical landmarks through his position as Chairman of the Philadelphia Historical Commission, from 1992-2001, appointed by then Mayor Edward G. Rendell. His impressive leadership and dedicated years of service allowed Spilove the opportunity to continue his preservation efforts as Chairman of the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission (PHMC) from 2008-2011. His additional conservation posts consisted of board member status of the Big Picture Alliance, Friends of Independence National Park, advisor to the American Revolution Center at Valley Forge, and shareholder of Athenaeum of Philadelphia. He recently stepped down as the Chairman of Historical Philadelphia, Inc., though remains on as a member of the Board of Directors. Spilove’s devotion is not limited to preserving the past. While his conservationism has been acknowledged and awarded on state and national levels, Spilove has proven himself a true patriot of Philadelphia’s rich continued history and education. Leading by philanthropic example, in donations and support, Spilove continuously promotes the city’s up and coming young artists and the contemporary art movement. He is also an avid annual fundraiser for Latch Key Kids, a program designed to challenge public school children with after school chess and debate clubs.

Public Affairs & Committees |
Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission (PHMC) - Chairman, Philadelphia, PA

  • Serving pro bono for PHMC, the Commonwealth's official history agency, since April 2003

  • Appointed by Governor Edward G. Rendell and elected as Chairman after a unanimous confirmation in the state Senate

  • Responsible for the stewardship of the Commonwealth's 25 museums and the Commonwealth's Archives which comprise 44 properties, 2,000 acres of land and 450 employees

Gettysburg National Battlefield Museum Foundation - Governor's Representative, Gettysburg, PA

  • Foundation working in partnership with the National Park Service to preserve the heritage and enhance the appreciation of Gettysburg in American History

 Philadelphia Historical Commission - Chairman, Philadelphia, PA

  • Responsible for preservation oversight of approximately 13,000 architecturally significant properties in one of the most historical cities in the United States -- including several of the buildings at Independence National Historical Park

  • Commission's most significant accomplishments occurred during Spilove's tenure as Chairman from 1992-2001

 Historic Philadelphia, Inc. and Once Upon A Nation - Chairman, Philadelphia, PA

Friends of Independence National Park - Board of Directors, Philadelphia, PA

Friends of Rittenhouse Square - Board of Directors, Philadelphia, PA

Athenaeum of Philadelphia - Shareholder, Philadelphia, PA

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