Wayne S. Spilove

Real Estate, Political & Civic Service, Historic Preservation

Wayne Spilove at Art Museum standing in front of a large painting
The Dream Garden by Louis C. Tiffany & Maxfield Parrish


Wayne Spilove Led Fundraising for Treasurer Joe Torsella

Wayne Spilove helped to elect Pennsylvania Treasurer Joe Torsella by leading the fundraising effort for his campaign. As Finance Chairman for Friends of Joe Torsella, Spilove helped to bring in nearly $3 million. Torsella won the 2016 election by the largest margin of any Pennsylvania candidate:…

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About Me

Wayne S. Spilove is a Philadelphia native. He is the founder and owner of Rittenhouse Management Corporation, where he has effectively been managing up scale apartments and historic buildings since 1978. He is actively involved with historical...

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